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Hand Outs Don’t Help Campaign

Handouts Don’t Help Poster

The business community is encouraged to send a strong message to panhandlers that it is not accepted in our community. FREE posters are available to be placed in the window of your business or organization. Learn more about the affects of panhandling here.

Where to get Posters

Chamber of Commerce
747 Auditorium Dr, Redding, CA 96001

Anti-Panhandling Street Sign

Now available! Anti-panhandling street signs are available to private property owners and shopping centers where panhandling is occurring. The signs make it clear that panhandling is not accepted and offers an alternative way to donate to the cause. In the video below, Matt Morgan presents the details of the anti-panhandling sign campaign. Click here to watch.

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Support Community Programs
that Support the Needy

Anti-Panhandling Sign Presentation by Matt Morgan 1/31/2017
(Skip to 21:35)

Anti-Panhandling Sign Presentation by Matt Morgan 4/5/2016

Don’t Feed My Habits

Let’s Talk About Pandhandling

Homeless-ManStreet corners around town are often occupied with people holding cardboard signs. It can be confusing to know what to do when a person that appears tragically in need asks you for money.

But – giving money to a panhandler can actually be harmful to our community.

Giving to panhandlers discourages them from seeking the services they may truly need and encourages them to keep doing what they are doing. Current economic challenges have strained local resources and local service providers rely on private donations to sustain the programs that offer assistance to people in need. Donating to an individual panhandler diverts that money from a program that may help many in need.

Unfortunately, most panhandlers go unrecognized by our local programs, because they are not accessing services, they may not be in need, or they may not be from our area.

All our neighbors deserve the opportunity to live in permanent housing, stay in safe shelter, access nutritious food, health care, or treatment. By giving to local charities, and not panhandlers, you’re supporting programs that offer solutions.

Many local well meaning donors have offered money or food to panhandlers, or their pets, without understanding that they are sustaining a way of life counterproductive to the true help needed in our community.

okay-to-say-noOver the past year, the City of Redding and Shasta County Homeless Continuum of Care Council identified nearly 3000 local individuals that are homeless or imminently at risk of becoming homeless. Tragically, over 700 of those individuals are children. There is a difference between homelessness and panhandling. Panhandling does not indicate homelessness.

If you have a heart for affecting social change, find a charity of your choice, learn about the services they provide, ask them for a tour, become a volunteer, or give whatever you can, even if it’s a small amount.

When you choose to give to programs, not panhandlers, you’re choosing to be part of a solution.

Giving money to a panhandler can
actually be harmful to our community.

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